Monday, March 31, 2008

When Dad goes to Work

Here is Dad, he is one of the important team members opening up the Verizon Business, Security Operations Center (SOC) in Ashburn. This is why we are all here after all.

Dad says that work is mostly boring stuff. He looks very relaxed at work (see back left). Some people have been asking what we get up to when Stu is at work and as you can see below. We found a Chuck E Cheese today so that is what we did. We also went to the playground after our afternoon sleep and we got some groceries from Wegmans too. I love Wegmans and Jack loves Chuck E Cheese so it is a fair deal.

The first two photos are thanks to Anthony - thanks!

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Jules said...

I was looking at the pics of the SOC thinking "Everyone looks like they're working but there's a guy at the back lolling around" and bwhahah it's Stu!
Have you breached national security yet in posting the pics? If so I'll pick you up at the airport.