Friday, December 28, 2007

Jack's First Steps

9 steps today

Christmas 07

Well Christmas is over...

Jack took 6 steps on his own on Christmas morning.

It was the best Christmas our family has had in years and it was so wonderful to have both of our families at Jack's house to enjoy it. The weather was perfect and the food was delicious. Stuart cooked an enourmous 5Kg salmon and catered for 14 people all on his own in our tiny kitchen.

The best things that Santa bought Jack were a dinosaur like Kai's and a lion walker. Grandpa made Jack a table and chairs and Pop and Nan bought a sand pit complete with sand. Unlike other babies that go for the wrapping or the box, Jack tore the paper off to find what was inside and loved each of his gifts.

Yesterday Mum and Jack went to see great Nan and Pop in bemboka and we came home with another car-load of toys. We also enjoyed a beautiful baked dinner.

The photos don't really do any justice to the perfect day that we had because the photographer was mostly busy pouring drinks and figuring out the new video camera but stay posted because there will be some 'first steps' footage soon.

Christmas 07

... only 3 more weeks until the big birthday.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

New Toys

Thankyou Maryanne & Gye - this ones my favourite!

I think this is the nappy change face.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Jack's First Christmas

Mum, Dad and Jack are very excited about Jack's first Christmas. Only 3 more sleeps!

Notice that I am wearing winter clothes, that's because it was 16 degrees today and it's been pouring with rain all week.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Good Bye Wanniasssa - A post just from Mum

Today was my last day at Wanniassa after 5 years of working there as a special needs/ textiles/ maths/ english/ learner assistance/ ESL/ work experience/IT teacher.

It was mostly disapointing to recieve my Wanniassa mug and pen today because that was literally all I got from all of the staff and students at Wanniassa. Not a goodbye or good luck or even a thankyou for all of the hardwork and dedication that I had given them. I have to say that today I left on a very low note.

Goodbye Wanniassa a new chapter begins...

Monday, December 17, 2007

Middle Ear Infection

Dr. Boss Nass

Yesterday was a bit scary because Jack had a temperature of 40.1 and he was very hot and upset. Last night Jack screamed the house down from 2 -4.30 am and woke up every half and hour or so throughout the night until he came to bed with us at 4.30. So we went and saw the doctor and we couldn't see our regular doctor so we were stuck with Dr. Boss Nass who diagnosed a 'miidle eeear iinfection' *heavy indian accent.* He was a bit of a scary doctor but very efficient, our appointment was for 11am and at 10.55 he had already figured out the problem. Jack has antibiotics and is improving every hour but still with regular panadol.

We hate seeing our boy so upset and hopes that he is feeling better tomorrow. Dr Boss Nass says, 'two days.'

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Learning to walk

We just thought that we should keep you 'posted.' Jack took 2 steps by himself from the couch to the foot stool on Sunday and today he took
4 steps
from the door to Kai today. We are very excited and trying to encourage Jack but he won't be helped, he wants to do things at his own pace.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Congratulations Aunty Ren!

Nan, Pop & Mum are so proud of you for finishing Year 10 and you looked so beautiful tonight.

Xmas Party

I had a great time at the Xmas Party on Saturday and I just can't wait until Santa comes!

Friday, December 7, 2007

2 weeks left until holiday time!

I got weighed and measured today:

8.9kgs - 50th percentile

73cms tall - 75th percentile

I'm not going to let Mummy eat her ice block - I'm going to crawl away with it!

Only 2 weeks left for Mum at Wanniassa until she moves to the lovely Lyneham High!

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Jack's Passport

There are a few important rules to having your passport photo legal by Australian standards.

1. Mouth must be closed and not smiling
2. Face must be straight on
3. Both ears must be showing
4. Applicant must be looking at the camera

Can you IMAGINE how long it took for several girls at the chemist to take this photo? But it's official now - Jack has his first passport at 10 months old. I wonder where he will go?

Happy Family