Saturday, March 29, 2008

Jack's First Stitches & Xrays

We were a bit worried when Jack base jumped off the lounge and straight into the coffee table but we cleaned up the blood and went to bed with a small dose of baby panadol and the bleeding seemed to stop after about 45mins. On closer observation he had chipped his tooth but we couldn't really see the laceration because of all of the bruising and swelling.

We really were worried when Jack woke up this morning with a mouth full of blood and blood stained sheets! The wound was not healing so we needed to go the emergency. The doctors were lovely and the nurses were fantastic. They have a special section for pediatrics and they give you a room of your own. ($400)

The ER doctor said that he definitely needed stitches and an Xray to check the teeth were intact but the best place for that would be the pediatric dentist. Australia has a long way to go as far as pediatric dentistry! We walked into a huge playroom with toys and a tree house. We were greeted by friendly nurses in brightly coloured scrubs and they were all very helpful. The waiting room was amazing, aside from the cubby house they had a baby movie theatre, a giant puzzle, a bookshelf full of beautiful books, Gloria Jeans Coffee, an air hockey table, play stations and x boxes.

Jack had his own dentist chair, he even had his own movie screen with the Wiggles. The dentist was Dr Pacella and she was just wonderful and sang songs to Jack as he screamed. The nurses were also wonderful and now Jack has a souvenir hospital bracelet and mouth x rays. ($127) We have a follow up appointment in 2 weeks but there is no permanent damage to the teeth other than the small chip out of his front - right tooth. He also has to eat soft food for 2 days and we need to watch for infection.

We are going to Cold Stone after Jack's nap and Jack is going to have a big ice cream all to himself for being so brave.

Deep Breath - Mum - Deep Breath

See the waiting room in the add at the bottom of this website


This is Jack during his bath tonight. As you can see the swelling has gone down and the stitches are inside his mouth on his lip but you can't see them and there is no obvious external damage to the child. Sorry to scare you Jules!

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