Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Lets Call it an Adventure

Our trusty GPS let us down today and we got a little bit lost on our way to Washington DC. (it took us 4 hours there and 45mins back) Stuart and I have decided to blame it on 'TomTom' our GPS and vowed never to speak of the situation again.

So we made it to 'Little Washington' in good time, it was a little bit sus that we were heading West for most of the way and it was all country and rolling hills. When we got there we were looking for the White House but all we found was a little cafe. So we went and had a chat with 'TomTom' and some how he thought that 'Little Washington' was 'Actual Washington' and eventually we got onto the right track. Niether Jack or Stuart thought this was funny at the time.

We got the idea that we were headed the right way when we got to 16 lanes of traffic. Mum didn't think this was very funny.

Eventually we found the 'White House' - here is Jack's mum exclaiming loudly, "Look it's the White House Jack."

And then Stuart says, "Isn't this what you were looking for?"

Jack was very good through the whole trip and our next trip on Wednesday to DC Zoo should be easier now that we know which way to go. Also, it was very cold in Washington today and it should be warmer on Wednesday.

On returning home, we went out to Sweet Water for dinner and Mum had a margarita while Dad had a rare steak. Things returned to normal after Jack found comfort in some warm milk before bed.

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Jules said...

Bwhahahahah. I love it. We recommend the train for the journey to New York. Take the car seat with you and throw it in the taxi when you get there.
Absolutely LOVED seeing pics of you guys at the White House.
love Jules