Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter

The Easter Bunny Came to Stu.

Jack woke up early this morning. It is FREEZING in Ashburn this morning at -4C! It is a trick when you look outside with your ducted heating and the sun is shining so brightly but don't be fooled - there is only a top of 8C today and possible snow tomorrow for out trip to the zoo in DC.

The easter bunny also left some things for Jack's mum.

Went shopping at Wall-Mart yesterday for some things for Jack's room. He has a cozy room now with pictures on the walls and a lamp. He loves 'Pie-Da Man' just like Kai. He has a grown-up-boy room. To match his Jail - Style bed.

Jack just loved his first "chocolate" easter bunny. The chocolate is made from yoghurt especially for babies with less sugar.

And of course he got spoit with a new sand pit which mum managed to lug up to the second floor and put together. We also had a lot of trouble finding the sand. Most of the shop assistants here speak only Spanish and they dont call it a 'sand pit' in America. They call it 'play sand' and as you can see the sand is bright blue (or you can get pink/yellow/green/purple) - it seems you can't buy 'normal' sand anywhere around Ashburn.

Jack was really excited about having a sand pit again and he played in it for almost an hour yesterday until it just got too cold.

Happy Easter everyone back home - we are making our own roast dinner tonight but it won't be the same without you.

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