Sunday, March 23, 2008

All of the comforts of home (if you are a monk)

Moving day went smoothly. It was the most beautiful, sunny (not windy) day. Stuart took the day off work which was a blessing because Jack is not the best help when it somes to these things. We did also get a $100 bill at the hotel for the 2 international calls we made. One to Stu's parents and one to Royalla. We were on the phone for a total of 10mins. I knew it would be expensive, but $10USD per min!!!

The dining room is also the office and Stuart spent until midnight fixing the internet so that I would be able to be 'online.' They had set up the room with place mats and all which is very nice and a big fake plant too. There is no high chair and I notice that the carpet is a very light creme colour. We will have to fix these :)

The kitchen is just like our one at home and comes complete with dishes and pans and tea towels and everything is brand new. There is a dishwasher and an ice maker - NO KETTLE - there is also an electric can opener for the lazy people. (there is a manual one also)

Below you can see our lovely new apartment and the view from Jack's new court yard is of the pool. We are on the second floor and I can already imagine the toys going over board. I am going to work on getting some kind of sand pit up here this week because that is what he misses the most and the park is about a 10min walk away.

This is the living room with the very small TV. Ikea supplied all of the furniture and had it all set up for when we got here. It was nice to have some pictures on the wall as well.

This is the master bedroom with a tiny double bed. I am wondering who will be the first to roll onto the floor.

The bathroom has a large, deep bath which Jack will appreciate and it also has a laundry room next to it with a washer and dryer of our own. It came with a little 'welcome' pack of shampoo and things to get us started.

Jack is not at all impressed with his room and his 'jail cell' bed. They didn't put any pictures or anything in his room and it also has a big window that lets in too much light for day sleeps. We will fix this through the week so that he has some nice stuff. It is also missing a ceiling light. None of the rooms have ceiling lights - only lamps. Jack didn't even get a lamp :( It's certainly a down grade from the last room he had at the Marriott.

We were glad to have a space which we can call 'home' for a while. We did some shopping and got some 'normal' thing like bread and milk. We had a Good Friday lunch at Red Lobster and then we had dinner at Chilies and we had a nice salmon. Jack didnt get to bed until late but he had a good time at dinner.

We also have a postal address now so we will email it to you in case you want to send us a post card from Canberra.


Judy P said...

Great to hear news of you all in the big US of A. It brings back memories of our last visit to Wa. DC in '93 (in January)when it got so cold they had to shut the city down (no metro, no shops, no one went to work, people were dieing from the cold!) It meant we got a very limited experience of it is great for me to read about your much richer experiences. It seems like Jack was born to travel. Keep up the wonderful blogging; it's inspiring. Love Judy P.

Jules said...

Give Jack some crayolas and that will fix the carpet! So glad you're settled in and back online. Happy Easter Duncans.
John says fish tank 'all good - found calcium". No luck with the treadmill, appears to be dead. Jen said she'll get someone in to fix it :)