Wednesday, March 19, 2008

At the zoo

Today, after Jack had his morning nap and mum did some washing, Jack and I went to the Reston Zoo. It only took us about 15mins drive through some nice parts of Virginia to find it and as you can see we had a very fun time.

This is the tractor that took us on the safari tour.

This shows you how windy and cold it was - Jacks teeth are chattering because he wouldn't leave his hoody on.

Sorry for the over - exposure here but it is hard to take a photo whilst holding onto the boy! This was just before Jack stuck his hand into the camels mouth and got a bit of a fright.

Didn't care much for the emus.

But as you all know, he loves the "du du duck"

It was rather funny to see Jack giving someone else a bottle.

And the lambs were cute too.

I think it's only about 8 or 9 degrees in Ashburn, here today and it has rained on and off. Jack met some new friends in the lobby today, Steven (3) & Sophia (14mths) so it was wonderful for him to have some other kids to play with for an hour so that Mum could have a cuppa and a chat with another mum...... until they found the pool cues :)

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