Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Easter Bunny Lives in America

Jack and I did some 'normal' things today. After the buffet breakfast and the morning nap we looked at the weather channel and it was set to be 19C. So we were thinking of going for a walk or to the park.... until we looked outside.

So we went to the mall for lunch and Jack bought his own sandwich with yogurt and a banana - he got some funny looks. (see it looks just like Belco) Right behind me though is a big Carousel and behind the food court is a big toddler playground and Jack really loved playing with the other kids.

Then we found out that the Easter Bunny lives in America - Jack is very excited about Sunday. Mum is hoping for another 50 Creme Eggs this year.

After we met the Easter Bunny we went shopping at Wall Mart for Dad's Easter presents. Easter over here is like Christmas back home. Lots of merchandise! My eyes still must look huge when I walk into Wall Mart or any other shop for that matter - the range of everything is just amazing and so different. Most things are also a decent price.

For afternoon tea we went here. Very nice - again too much to choose from!

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