Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Normal Every Day Stuff

Stuart went to work today. Which means that Jack and I are left to explore on our own.

Today we had our buffet breakfast and went shopping at Wegmans before the morning nap and then we went to the post office. Keep looking in the post Nan R, Kai, Jules, John & Gail. It was very expensive to post items to Australia - it cost the same for the contents as the postage.

Wegmans is like Woolworths but HUGE and they have everything imaginable - even hot dogs on a stick wrapped in pancakes! Frozen of course. Jack enjoyed the trolley ride and my eyes must have been as big as saucers as we went from isle to isle trying to find 'normal' stuff. I asked a lady about a couple of things - like bath oil and Goat's formula for Jack and she said that maybe I should try the 'international market' where they sell products from different countries and they also order things in.

We drove for about 20 mins to find a park that is just like the one we have down our street. It is a shame that they don't have one just down the street because Jack loves to play outside and up and down the slide. The park was a bit disapointing after having driven all that was - it wasn't very big and exciting but I don't think Jack noticed that.

After Jack's afternoon sleep we are going for a swim in the heated pool before dinner and a bath. We move out of this hotel on Friday and we will miss it a lot. Mostly the buffet breakfast and swimming pool. Also the daily room service and fresh linen will be missed. However Jack is booked in for swimming lessons starting next week and baby gym classes too. So we will be able to meet some other mums & toddlers - there aren't any other children in the hotel.

Sorry there aren't any pics today - the batteries are charging. There are sure to be more tomorrow.

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