Tuesday, March 11, 2008

You can take the boy out of the farm but you just can't get the farm out of the boy.

Click here to see Jack with his chooks

And don't forget to notice the 'farm boots' and 'farmer hat' - just like Pop. He really is a farm boy at heart. Jack has ALWAYS loved the chooks, even when he was just 6 months old but now he can CHASE them so he has an even better appreaciation of his favourite feathered friends.

In other news, this will be us on Friday.....

So we are going to USA on Friday and may be absent from blogging until an internet connection is running but STAY TUNED because there will be some exciting adventures very soon. But we couldn't have made it possible without our friendly sponsors.

Thanks to Nan R for making us a lovely and very early, easter roast dinner. Now we won't feel like we missed out.... too much :(

Also thankyou to Jenni for looking after the house and the cat and John for the fish. And Jules for the amazing feast that she cooked for us and our friends - just to say goodbye for 3 months!

-Really it was amazing, I'm talking about Chicken & Mushroom Rissotto, Lasange with Sweet Potato, Zucchini Slice, Warm Guacamole & Bean Dip with Corn Chips, Ceasar Salad and Chocolate Cake with warm chocolate sauce and ice cream. We were still enjoying left overs today! OMG Thankyou!

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