Sunday, June 28, 2009

Over Time

I have been working at the school musical this week but the house is still in good shape. The boys have done a good job of packing up and going to bed on time.

Jack was especially helpful today after we came home from our swimming lesson he did the dishwasher and helped to hang the washing out. Then he took a 3 hour nap to recover and left mopping the floors and cleaning the bathrooms for me!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Art Work

Jack's drawings are beginning to take shape. I find this both exciting and fascinating to watch. He likes to ask us to draw trucks on the white board and he likes some help to get his smiley face started. I drew the circle and Jack added the important features. 

I was very impressed with this particular 'smiley face.' It's Stuart actually but I'm sure you all guessed that by the hair. 

While Stu was cooking tonight I showed Jack the art of potato and sponge printing. I will have to work on my potato-print cutting skills.   

Jack was very proud when we covered it in stickers and stuck it on the wall in the lounge room. 

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Nanna & Pop's house

Jack made sure to tell everyone at swimming today that he was going to 'nanna n pop's house.' He helped to clear some sticks and move the truck, the rain didn't dampen his fun for a minute. When Molly arrived they toddled around everywhere together, they are such good mates. 

I think the puddle jumping was actually Molly's idea. You can see the rest of the fun that was had on Molly's Blog.

Mum made some delicious pumpkin soup and crispy bread rolls. Mmmm

Thursday, June 18, 2009

In the hood

Most afternoons when I pick Jack up from daycare he has his hood on. I had to ask if it was his own idea and of course it was. Rose and Alexander tried to explain to Jack that he would have 'hat hair' if he kept his hood on but he didn't seem to mind.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

The incredible shrinking WOMAN!

About 5 months ago Mum told me she was going to change her life. She said she didn't want to be fat anymore. At first I was upset because I liked her just the way she was. Round.

It was exhausting seeing Mum drink milkshakes (Optislim) for weeks and weeks and worry over every calorie. But she still managed to serve her best dip, biscuits and cakes.  

She says that she still has some way to go but she is looking fantastic. A lady at Michael's dance class called her 'the incredible shrinking woman' yesterday and I can't think of a better name for it. It is incredible! 

Happy 18th Aunty Ren

Aunty Ren had a great birthday last night. Jack is very much into the party scene. He was looking forward to last night's party all week. 

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Jack's First Joke

Jack spontaneously told his first joke in the car on the way home from daycare today. 

Jack: Knock Knock

Ma: Come in

Jack: No, Mummy! Knock Knock

Ma: Oh, Who's there?

Jack: Jack

Ma: Jack who?

Jack: Jack Duncan! HA HA

And then there were knock knock jokes all afternoon. He even wanted to call Nan R to tell her one. 

I had to call daycare and ask if they had taught him that or if he got it from watching tv and Rose said that the 3 and 4 yr old boys had been telling knock knock jokes in the morning so Jack had obviously picked it up from them. 


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Jack do it

'Jack Do It!' is Jack's latest catch phrase as he builds his independence. He wants to put his own shoes and socks on, wash his own face, put his own dvds on and build his own block towers. He always has to put his own plate in the dishwasher - I'm sure he will grow out of that.

Jack also likes to say 'this way' when we are driving. For some reason he thinks he knows the way better than I do.

I must confess that I secretly enjoy when Jack has a cough or a cold and needs to stay home from daycare. Today we had a great day. The weather was freezing 8C and the wind was blowing all day but we painted and went to the doctor. We played bowling and had a long afternoon sleep.

When Jack was at the doctor he opened his mouth 'ahhh' and the doctor listened to his chest as he took deep breaths. The doctor sat to his computer and started to write the certificate and Jack said, ' but ears please.' The doctor had to appologise for forgetting and take a quick look in the ears. He said they were nice and clean and Jack was so proud.

In the afternoon Jack rode around the house on his little bike and gathered up some old envelopes and started delivering mail. It was his own idea so I thought it was pretty smart.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Molly

Molly had a great birthday and she has been so spoilt. Aunty Bec made her some cupcakes and Jack picked her present, an Upsy Daisy doll and he carefully helped to wrap it and write on the card.

Jack was super excited about Molly's Party. He kept reminding us all week and the party lived up to his expectations with lollies, hunny jumbles, chocolate crackles and cake of course. 

Jack helped Molly to open every present and Molly just toddled around wondering why everyone was making such a fuss. 

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Raising boys

Jack thought of this idea all on his own. Raising boys is fast and rough and sometimes requires safety gear.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Sticky Date Pudding

This Master Chef episode was at least a week ago but I can't stop thinking of the way they described the Butterscotch sauce as liquid gold and it oozed out of the pot. Mmmm.

My birthday isn't too far away. Could someone hook me up? Yes, the almond Praline is essential.

Find recipe here.


Master Chef

Stu would have been proud of his little Master Chef tonight. Jack was deep into his cooking tonight, obviously because Ma has been hooked on watching Master Chef and Jack also takes an interest in cooking television.

The pressure test tonight was Paella. I absolutely love Paella but we rarely cook it at home. Jack has tried it once and he loved it.

This is what the dish looked like.

So you can imagine my surprise when Jack served me this!

He said, 'Mmm nice, hot. Look Ma' and he pointed to the television to show me that it was the same.

The dish was perfect except he was a little heavy on the saffron.