Friday, March 21, 2008

Sunny Days are Here Again

It was just a beautiful sunny day when we looked outside this morning. But strangely we were woken up by the sound of the American flag flapping outside our window because there were gale force winds which seemed to have an arctic chill to them. The sort of wind that sends a chill almost through to your bones.

But Jack didn't care, apart from a slightly runny nose, he was very happy to play in this playground for toddlers. You can see the hotel in the background of this shot below. You can also see the carpark and right behind me is Wegmans - my favourite grocery store.

It has been so good to chat with my family and John & Jules today on the web cam. I was begining to feel a bit homesick but feel much better now that I have been able to chat to our fam.
Will put up a screen shot next time we are chatting!

We also met another Australian family in the lobby of the hotel today and they have a boy the same age as Jack. They just moved here from Sydney to live for 2 years. So they were equally excited to see some friendly faces from down under. We swapped emails so hope to see them again soon after they get settled into thier new house.

People have asked about Stu and he is doing ok. He isn't enjoying going to work while Jack and I are having a 'holiday' and it has been difficult to organise dinner when he doesn't get home until 8. He has experienced some problems getting things set up at work and the boss is very strict about the 30min lunch break quota. So mostly he has been a bit stressed and this afternoon he tells us he is coming down with a cold.

We are moving into our apartment tomorrow so we might be offline until we get an internet connection. Jack starts gym on Tuesday and playgroup on Thursday so it will be an exciting week. We are also planning a little trip to either DC or NY for Mon/Tues/Wed because that is Stuart's weekend.

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