Monday, March 31, 2008

The Circus in Washington DC

We went out with the boys from Dad's work to go to dinner and the circus. It was a great night out and we had an excellent time. We decided to catch the train into the city and we took a while to find a train station but eventually found one. We had to walk a few blocks to find dinner at Fogo De Chao.

It was an amazing dining experience and Stuart's favorite thing since we got here. The bill was quite significant including an 18% tip which was already factored into the bill. Luckily Stuart's work is paying for his meals. It really was a 'boys' place to eat because you could eat as much as you wanted and it was all spit roasted and beautifully seasoned. The waiters bough you meat and you turned your token over when you were full. I'm sure we will go there again.

Here we are at the Ringling Bros. Circus.

In the USA you are allowed to have live animals of all kinds and we were thrilled to see the amazing stunts that the elephants and lions could do. The horses and little dogs were also very cleaver and there were many acrobatic stunts as well.

Jack sat in amazement and danced along to the music and tried to click his fingers too. He enjoyed every minute and was mesmerized for over 2 hours.

Thanks to 'Uncle Wells' for organising this trip and also to Anthony for supplying some of the photos above. Anthony also came from Australia at the same time as us. You can see some of his pictures here. They are very good. Dries also has a blog but it is in Dutch. He is from Belgium and staying in Virginia with our group also. Dries has an excellent photo gallery on his blog, it is here.

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