Thursday, April 3, 2008

Dad says, 'When in Rome we do as the Romans' do.'

Some of the local guys from Dad's work invited him to go shooting for the day at the George Washington National Park. The local guys own at least 5 guns each. One of them had a silencer on it and apparently that's legal around here.

The gun below is the special one. Dad was very lucky not to get hit the face with its kick back as Anthony did. The crazy guy behind Dad is the one who owns this big gun (apparently also very loud). The bullets fired from this gun are over 2 inc. long and over 1cm wide.

Apparently the purpose of owning these very expensive weapons is so they can go shoot paper targets occasionally with friends. There is no rhyme or reason for it really and although Dad had fun on the day I am very glad that it is harder to buy guns and own guns in our country. It seems to be a part of the culture amongst the local guys here (even the ones who have good jobs and work in offices) to own many, big and expensive guns - just to have.

I don't get it - but I'm just a girl. Any comments or questions and I will gladly get Stu to explain :)

On the way home tonight we stopped to get petrol and there were several police cars at the servo. They had apprehended a young guy with a skate board presumably holding up the petrol station. This neighborhood is just like ours at home, if not more 'up market.' Houses around here go for no less than $600,000. It's so crazy this country and that this would happen at our local servo (I know it has occasionally happened at Kippax too) but I have stopped watching the local DC news, there are shootings every day. Apparently Washington DC has the highest homicide rate of any other US city. If I kept watching the news at night I might never go out! Luckily when I do take Jack out in the evening I have about 6-7 large boys from the SOC to protect us :) (and we are always home by 8pm)


Anonymous said...

Pop is just sooooo jealous.........

Anonymous said...

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