Saturday, June 14, 2008

We're HOME!

We had a few hectic moments on our trip home but we are here and (amazingly) so is our luggage.

We stood in line in Las Vegas airport for 90mins before finally getting to the front of the line (with $650 excess baggage) and we were told our flight was cut off 3 MINS ago. So we missed our flight out of Vegas but thankfully we were put on another flight with a different airline and we were so lucky to get this flight as it was 98% full when we got our seats. This airline did not charge for our baggage as they connected it through to Sydney so it actually worked out a lot better although it was 3 hours later so we only had 2 hours in LA to make the next plane.

In LA we were not able to check in because Jack DID NOT HAVE A TICKET. Apparently he needed a paper ticket and it cost $500 for one. We told them we didn't have one to get here but they really didn't care. AND THEN the printer jammed so they couldn't print the paper ticket. We were again in line for around 90mins and Jack was exhausted (it was 10pm) but we made our flight with 5mins to spare as a Qantas lady escorted us to the gate so we would make the flight. We had an issue with the luggage here as well because we had checked some to Canberra and they counted 9 bags when we only had 6. So they DELETED 3 bags.

In Sydney we were very fast to domestic check in but again missed our flight by about 10mins after waiting in the line for an hour. Seeing a pattern here? We were told that we would be charged for excess baggage again but luckily the lady said, "Next time you fly with us we will charge for the baggage. I will let it go today." Flights to Canberra run every 20mins so we were the last people seated on a plane that ran an hour later than our scheduled flight. 28 hrs after stepping out of the Bellagio we walked into our home. What a fantastic feeling.

Jack slept for 11hours of the 14hr flight to Sydney so Stu and I also got a good sleep and Jack was a great traveller after all that he had been through. We were so excited to meet Jack's cousin Molly yesterday too, she is beautiful and really does look just like her mum. Jack loved Molly and gave her about 15 kisses and he obviously missed Aunty Rach too because he gave her about 3 kisses too.

A BIG HUGE THANKS to Jules for organised a cuppa and some sandwiches for when we walked in the door and the suitcases and power adapters and the care packages and baby formula and for making us feel missed and collecting and scanning the mail.

A BIG THANKS to John for caring for our fish who are doing so well.

A BIG THANKS to Jen for caring for the cat who is looking so happy to see us and also for looking after our home.

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