Thursday, June 19, 2008

Molly, Molly

We had lunch in Royalla today, it was lovely. Nan R made spinach and cheese pastry and fondue for dessert. I came armed with the camera for Molly but she really didn't like the flash.

Here is my niece, warm and cozy in her pram.

Jack loved following his Pop around the farm and helping to give the ducks some water. He can say 'Nanna' quite clearly but when we asked him to say 'Pop' he said, 'Duck.' So Pop is Duck for now. It was funny to see how he loved to follow Pop and Uncle Mike around and as soon as he came into see the girls he decided we weren't any fun.

Here is my beautiful sister who is now a mum. She is doing a great job with Molly and she is very relaxed(and very exhausted today).

This is Molly's favourite place to be.

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