Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Grand Canyon

It only took us 3 hours to drive to the West rim of the Grand Canyon so Jack was happy to sit in the back of the Hummer with his dual DVD players with bose headphones. We had a Maccas breakfast and a nap and before we knew it we were there much earlier than we expected.

We went on the Sky Walk which is a glass bridge over the canyon and we were up about 200 floors with only glass between us and the Canyon floor. We weren't allowed to take anything onto the glass (inc camera) in case we dropped it on the glass floor. We have a nice family photo that the Sky Walk took for us, stay tuned for that.

Stu did most of the driving and really enjoyed the 40miles on the dirt road and through some pretty rough terrain. He fish tailed the hummer around the corners which totally freaked me OUT! Apparently he knew what he was doing and was in control the whole time. Yeah, sure.

Jack and I loved the Native American Indian dance and they were amazing. These guys live about 2 hours from the Canyon (in the middle of the desert) and get brought out here to work everyday.

It was 110 degrees (44C) so we drank water and mostly stayed in the shade. It was SO HOT!

This one of Stu and Jack is best of you click on it and view it large.

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