Friday, June 6, 2008

Excess Baggage

Just letting you all know that we made the trip to LA. It was a crazy adventure as we made it to the airport as they told us to step away from the glass for the tornado warning. We had the MAXIMUM allowance for baggage including extra 'baby items' and 2 x 70 pound suitcases each and two enormous carry on bags plus a nappy bag. They told us to board the plane in a rush to avoid the storm but unfortunately everyone wasn't fast enough and the storm approached so we couldn't take off for THREE AND A HALF HOURS! We were stuck on the tiny plane that wasn't going anywhere with no idea of when we would be able to take off. When we finally did take off we flew through some crazy turbulence. Jack fell asleep as soon as we took off and woke up when we landed 5.5hrs later.

We are well rested now and our bags all made it (one of our cases was the LAST one off the plane.) Amazingly Jack has adjusted to the 3 hour time difference all ready and we just enjoyed a lovely buffet breakfast in the hotel. We are heading to the Disneyland hotel after the morning nap.

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