Sunday, April 27, 2008

Lurary Caverns and Maze

Today we drove for 2 hours to explore the Luray Caverns and maze in South Virginia. The hedge maze was wonderful and we got lost quite a few times. Jack really enjoyed the ride in the baby backpack but it was very hot at 27C for Stuart to carry him around.

Ellen came with us and her and Stuart took a break with a lovely view of the maze.

Jack took a minute to dip his feet in the water fountain.

But of course he got carried away and ended up right in the pond! We couldn't help but to let him go and have a laugh. Jack thought this was the best part of the day.

We went for a long walk through the caves and Jack eventually fell asleep on Stuart's shoulders.

The caves were just as beautiful as the ones in NSW and very similar too. The water in the picture below was so clear that you could see the reflection of the decorated ceiling.

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