Thursday, April 17, 2008

Central Park

It was a beautiful, sunny day in New York City. We checked out of our hotel after the boys had their morning nap and we headed up to 5th Ave, to find the 'Build a Bear' store for Jack. We were lucky to find 'TomTom' after we left him in our hotel room. We were really very lucky that house-keeping was so honest.

Here is Jack giving his newly stuffed bear a bath. Jack decided to hop in too. His bear plays his favourite lullaby and has a heart in it which Jack made a wish on. (Is this kid spoilt?) Jack also dressed the bear in NYPD gear and little sketchers. Stu said it was the 'off duty' gear.

We took a short taxi ride up to central Park which was a lovely oasis in the middle of the hectic city. It was busy but quiet like a library. We had a nice picnic on the grass and Jack was able to run around.

This is called the 'sheep station' in central park. In the summer you cant see the grass because of all of the people. This is where the open-air concerts are held.

Here I am!!! Having a horse and cart ride in central park with my two best boys. This was the most memorable part of our journey so far and I loved every minute. Our driver was a relaxed and friendly, local guy (very different to the Taxi drivers) and he told us all about the park on way though. It was just wonderful.

Jack also had a good time on the ride but unfortunately he has learnt to call out, 'Hello, Hello' to passers by and has also learnt this clever little trick below.

Here is the link to the web album

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