Sunday, April 13, 2008

Ashburn, Virginia

Jack and I went for a drive today to take some photos because the weather was so nice. Jack wasn't in the mood to be my mascot so this is why he isn't in the photos today. We all have our moments.

This is the local high school, all of the high schools have big sports stadiums and lots of sporting facilities like tennis courts and basket ball courts.

The big yellow busses are parked out the front of the schools. There are no public busses in the area so this must be how the kids get to school. There is at least 60 busses parked out the front of this school and they are quite big too.

All of the houses in Ashburn look the same, they are made from plastic! There is wood and insulation but the panels of the exterior of the houses is plastic. Strange also that the new suburbs have big telegraph poles above ground.

This is our apartment (second floor) which is looking particularly beautiful with all of the cherry blossom trees at the moment.

Our cars were all covered in pink confetti this morning - just like a wedding :)

You get the point by now - I like the Cherry Blossom Trees in Ashburn.

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