Monday, April 7, 2008

Ocean City Adventure

We decided on an adventure this weekend. We didn't book anything or even buy a map, we just thought we'd rely on TomTom (the GPS) and find the beach. TomTom did find us a little beach on Chesapeake Bay, Annapolis but it was a little strange because there was no parking and the beach said 'Private Property' but we didn't care since we had driven for 1hr 1/2 to see it. We thought no one would mind if we played in the park for 20mins.

In the background we caught sight of a very long bridge so we decided to go on an adventure to find it.

I was totally freaking out as we drove across the 7km long bridge with 5 narrow lanes of traffic but the boys wound down the windows and thought it was fun.

We had lunch in a restaurant across the bridge but the fish and chips weren't as good as Batemans Bay. We asked a local where the ocean was (as we had just driven over Chesapeake Bay) and they pointed East - 2hrs drive. So we drove to see the Atlantic Ocean and it looked like so much fun that we decided to get a room for the night. We had no change of clothes so we went to the factory outlet mall and bought some bargain brand names. I had fun picking out a new outfit for the whole family. Here is Jack in his new OshKosh.

This is the view from our hotel room of the Atlantic Ocean!

The next day the weather turned windy and cold so instead of the planned beach day we drove to the Smithsonian National Aquarium in Washington.

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Ocean City April08

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