Friday, April 4, 2008

The 2nd visit to the ER in less than a week

Jack's ok but MY NERVES are at the very end of what they can possibly take.

It started just like a normal day. Jack woke up at 7.30 in a bright and happy mood. We had a good 1hr 30min nap and accidently missed playgroup because we read the calendar a day too late. So instead we went and did some shopping for our families for when we get home. We bought some 'DC' tops and some postcards for the great Nannas'. Jack played at the little toddler playground at the mall while mum enjoyed a quiet Starbucks and then we had lunch at our favourite place, Fuddruckers. We did a little grocery shop on the way home and when we got home Jack went to sleep for his afternoon nap.

Jack slept for only an hour which is unusual and he woke up like he was having a bad dream. He was only semi-awake and very warm to touch. He went back to sleep quickly and the blanket was taken off. Jack then slept for another hour and a half and again woke up stressed and hot. Jack had a big drink of water and then laid of the couch in a bit of a daze and watched cartoons until he fell asleep again in front of the TV (very unusual.) So we got out the panadol and called Dad to bring home a thermometer.

Then the WORST CASE SCENARIO happened and Jack had a full blown grand mal seizure. It lasted for 3 minutes as Dad was called with me in a panic. Stu came home from work in less than 10mins and we were at the local ER 5 mins later.

I don't think I'm being melodramatic about this, it was the worst pain I have felt since having a baby and possibly even worse than that to see my Jack (Blinky Bill) in this state. I have become accustomed to Stuart's epilepsy but seeing this happen to a baby is much, much worse. And my baby at that.

2 hours later Jack is diagnosed with a 'Bi-Lateral Ear Infection' (that means both ears) that caused a febrile seizure and he has antibiotics and two types of pain relief and fever reducing medication.

Thanks so much for calling America tonight Mum and Dad.We really did need you guys here tonight and it was like you just were.

- Hope it didn't cost you too much :)

N.B If you are travelling with a young child you will find that having full and comprehensive travel insurance with no excess is very reassuring as we did tonight.

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