Sunday, May 18, 2008

Niagara Falls

Here is the view from our room after a big 8 hour drive. We are just in awe of it's beauty but it doesn't look really, real - does it?

So we went for a 5min walk and there it is. It is so real that the spray of the mist can be felt from here.

After Jack's visit to hospital he spends the next 36 hours right here. He looks exhausted and beat up but he finds some energy in this cinnamon scroll.

The hotel restaurant served a delicious meal which introduced us to a whole new set of taxes in Canada. The meal was beautiful, here is Stuart enjoying snails among other French cuisines. Really, it was disgusting even just to watch him enjoy this.

We enjoyed the lights on the falls and the fireworks with cocktails in hand and Jack was warm and fast asleep in bed.

The falls were most beautiful at sunset.

Just before we came home we went on the 15min 'Maid of the Mist' boat. Jack was seriously unimpressed and he stayed warm and dry in his pram and under the lower level of the boat. Stu & I took turns in going to the upper level and it was just amazing. The power of the water within 3-4 meters of the flow was incredible. This was absolutely an amazing experience and as the raincoats were all one size, Stu got soaked on he arms and legs.

This was as close to the USA side of the falls as the digital camera could get without getting wet. We also took an underwater camera so hopefully some of those will work too.

Our last stop was the butterfly conservatory and it was really amazing to see thousands of species of butterflies under one roof. We were not allowed to touch them of course but they landed all over us. Jack loved this part of Niagara the most and he reached out to touch them and pointed and smiled. He was asking, 'Wa dat?'

View the web album below. I hope I don't bore you with too many photos of the same waterfall but it was incredible. It was something you really have to see to appreciate. There is at least 5 videos in there so check 'em out.


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