Saturday, May 17, 2008

12 Hours Later

Hi from beautiful Niagara.

We have the most beautiful hotel with a perfect view of the falls and Jack was a perfect boy for the 8 hour drive to get here.

We have just got back from spending the last 12 HOURS at the lovely Niagara Falls Hospital. ($700)

Poor Jacko has 2 ear infections and bronchitis. We had to stay in the hospital over night until his fever came below 38 and his heart rate came below 120. When we arrived at the hospital it was 170 and his temp was 39.1. He has since had 2 chest x rays, 2 IV antibiotics, 3 blood tests and 3 new teeth are coming in all at once.

Jack didn't give us any warning that he was going to get so sick. In fact, we had a beautiful dinner ($230) at the Marriott restaurant just an hour before and he had no fever and a large Mac & Cheese.

We are back at the Marriott now, with medication and Jack is going to sleep in Niagara for the next 2 days with a cot overlooking the falls. I can't think of a better place to be resting. It is truly beautiful.

......................about 14 hours earlier Stu said, 'Even I am jealous of me. This is so cool!'

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