Saturday, May 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Dad Do

The birthday festivities have begun and there are plenty more to come. This morning Jack took great pleasure in dishing out the presents to 'Dad Do' and he helped A LOT when making crepes for breakfast.

The most special part of this morning was when Jack gave Stu his card which he had signed himself and he was very proud. He knocked on the bedroom door (when I wasn't looking) and woke Stu up saying 'Dad Do, Dad Do.'

We are going to Texas De Brazil for the birthday dinner and Jack is feeling a lot better so it should be fun.


Happy Birthday Stu


Love from your wife,






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Jules said...

Ok I am no longer coping with the fact that you get to go to these fabulous restaurants and I don't. I hope you are photographing everything and quite prepared to try and emulate it in your very own kitchen when you get home!!! I want to go to Texas de Brazil toooooooooo.
Happy birthday Stu!!