Saturday, July 18, 2009

Darling Harbor

Jack and I drove into Darling Harbor to meet Stu after a long week of training. Jack slept from Canberra to Cambelltown and enjoyed the tunnels and traffic as we approached the city. 

Jack and I played in the park at Darling Harbor and watched the trains go past until Stu came home and we went out to Hurricane's Grill with the boys. 

Jack and I had time to explore again the next day while Stu finished some training and we had breakfast in bed and then found the Chinese Gardens. There was a chill in the air and a hint of drizzle but it was so much warmer than home. 

Jack loved the gold fish and finding his way through the maze.

After a 3 hour nap Stu returned in time to take us to the sting rays. The aquarium is our favourite place to visit and it's such a bonus that teachers are free :)

After the aquarium Jack was tired and asking for cuddles.... this is when we should have 'clicked' because not long after he was very sick. The poor boy. 

Stu went out to get us some Mochi for dessert while the boy recovered. Shu Shin Bon makes the most delicious black forest daifuku. Trust me.

This was the view that we awoke to every morning. Jack loved seeing the traffic and the construction. We enjoyed the buffet breakfast in the restaurant which was right over the traffic with a clear view of the harbor. 

We went for a quick trip into The Markets at The Rocks before Jack started to look pale and wanted more cuddles so we ended our trip early and the boy had a good rest on the way home. 

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