Sunday, July 12, 2009

Danny & Leasa

Uncle Dan & Aunty Leasa have been together since they were teenagers. Yesterday they decided to make things official and tie the knot. Uncle Danny wore a tie for the first time, his hands were sweaty and he had a nervous grin when he greeted us. 

It was a beautiful winter's day. 

Say, 'BEGA Cheese!'

The sisters and the MoG had a lovely afternoon. Hot food was served minutes after the ceremony had ended. 

The Motbey girls hovered around the fire and as the afternoon wore on we added layers of clothing. 

The traditional Holzhauser family dinner was delicious and I had a second helping. There were too many desserts to choose from. The cake made it safely (with a minor repair) down the mountain and the 20mins of winding gravel on Buckajo Road.

And they grinned at each other like they did when they were teenagers. Proud as punch.

NB. Jack & Stu stayed at home. Jack had another throat infection and Stu had a man-cold (quite a serious condition.) And here is where I say, 'Damn you stupid wombat!' Please don't leave your wombats to walk across the middle of the highway at 10pm at night. Gawd!

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