Thursday, July 2, 2009

A brother or a sister?

Stuart and I are so excited to announce to the world that we are having another baby. We have been patiently waiting until I had my 7 years long service leave so that I can take most of next year off. 

I am 12 weeks pregnant today which means that the baby is due on Jack's BIRTHDAY next year. Every time we ask Jack if he would like a 'brother or a sister' he says, 'sista.' So he wasn't at all surprised with the results of the Intelligender test that I took 2 weeks ago. 

The Intelligender test has only been 70% accurate since it was put on the market so we won't be buying anything pink but it was fun to test anyway. 

Now we know what we have to look forward to next year... I'm going to get all the sleep I can in 2009!


Toni Brockliss said...

So happy for you Bec!
If the test is right, you will be having a big box sent your way full of Audrey's clothes.
I hope you don't mind second good hand?

Sam's Mum said...

And another blog to look forward to as well. :) I've put the word on Kirsty that the baby swing needs to go across the golf course next year.
Congratulations to all three of you. Now bring on the zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzs.

Jack's Mum said...

I can't believe you are both in preparation mode already!

Toni, I would be so grateful for second hand clothes. Jack is the first born and most of his clothes have been second hand from my friends.

Jules, I will appreciate all the swings that you can find. Anything with a seatbelt to keep the poor child safe from the loving brother!

Now, I'm just going to work on that sleep. Shhh!