Friday, March 20, 2009

This is me

I am in my prime at 27 so I thought I would post this so I could remember what it was like.

I've heard that you are most beautiful when you get married and your brain function peeks at 27 and then it's all down hill from here.


Grace said...

Eeek I feel old now!

That's a lovely pic of you though :) Is that from school?

Lynda said...

That's is a lovely photo of you, but you do know you are making me feeling old with the info about downhill from 27!

Sam's Mum said...

Bloody hell woman. I'll lend you my zimmer frame next time you come over. After all I am wayyyy past the down side of 27. (Gawd I am 10 years older than you) It just gets better and better after 30 cause you no longer give a shit what people think about anything. Is that a grey hair I can see in that picture?

Toni Brockliss said...

27! I am an forgetful old age pensioner at 37.

I can't even remember being 27.

Jack's Mum said...

Really you can see a grey hair??