Thursday, March 19, 2009


It has been a busy week at work. I have a new student who is keeping me on my toes and both assistants have called up sick. Stu has been out on training all week.

You can imagine the scene of us in the morning as Jack likes to sleep in until 7.30 and then we rush, rush to get out the door by 8.

8 o'clock this morning was when I noticed Jack starting to itch his knee. Within 10mins hives were covering both his legs and after 30mins his face started to go red, swollen and blotchy. We were straight to the doctor and Jack did a wee in a cup. The test showed nothing so we booked an allergy test for Saturday.

After all of the stress Jack got a Woody doll which he took to bed for his afternoon nap and he carried it around all afternoon. We visited Nanna at work and got a lolly and some stamps and then we had dinner with Grandpa for Uncle Jame's birthday and Grandpa showed me how to eat cake with a spoon.

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