Thursday, December 11, 2008

My independant boy

Suddenly a bed has made him grow up. He is no longer needing 2 day sleeps because he is sleeping 12 hours at night.

My boy is reckless and couragious but he is afraid of the lawn mower. His favourite TV shows are The Night Garden and Lazy Town. He runs fast and climbs the play equipment independantly. He is SO independant and friendly too. He loves to play with other children and says 'bye bye' to all of the checkout ladies and Woolworths. He brings me flowers from the yard and gives us kisses and cuddles.

He is facinated by trucks, trains and buses and although he doesn't talk much he makes a lot of noise. Jack loves his food but he won't eat if there is playing to be done. He likes french toast, spaghetti and juice. He wants to be outside ALL of the time. He loves animals but is wary of big dogs.

Jack is a mummy's boy when he is sick or very tired. He clings on tight when I have been at work too many days in a row. He loves to be rough with his dad and his face lights up when he hears the car coming up the driveway. Every morning we wake up to Jack calling out for 'MA!'

Lately he enjoys showing us he is a 'good boy' by helping out and doing the right things and when he is in trouble he takes himself to Time Out for 2 minutes until he comes out and appologises. He is always dragging us outside to sit and watch him play. He doesn't mind if I take a cuppa so long as he has some company.

I wish these days would last forever.

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