Sunday, December 7, 2008

Merry Christmas Lyneham, Happy Birthday Alex, Merry Christmas Verizon and God Bless Tayliah

December is exhausting. Stuart was home this weekend which made things easier but we just didn't stop. Friday night started it all with the Lyneham Support Unit Christmas Party. On Saturday we went to Alex's 2nd birthday party at Kid City. The party started right on nap time and Jack was too exhausted by the end of it, although he did have a great time.

Today we went to church for Tayliah's christening. Kai was looking great - his mum ran across the carpark with hairspray and conditioner before the baptism. Love those curls!

After lunch Jack was exhausted again. Lovely Jen, is God-mother to beautiful Tayliah and it was so nice that her Solomon family was able to come for the event. Justine and 'nanny' made a delicious lunch and dessert and everyone had a wonderful time.

We had an early bbq dinner at the lake - hosted by Stu for the Verizon Christmas. Jack befriended Gulliver who is 3. Gully took his hand and showed him how to climb the play equipment and paddle in the lake.

Stu did an excellent job cooking and people raved about his delicious food and good choice in venue. Snap.

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