Monday, December 8, 2008

Fish Bed

The kindness of strangers is always a special surprise and this one was especially nice because it has meant so much to our 'big boy'. Toni from Nan's work handed down her toddler bed to Jack and it fit so nicely in his ocean theme bedroom.

Jack was very excited as his dad put together the fish bed. He tried to help him put it all together. When I was clearing out his bedroom Jack was running from Mum to check on Dad's progress on the bed and back to his room to make sure we were getting things together. He kept saying 'fish bed, fish bed.' When Stu carried the bed into his room he cheered 'hooray' with arms in the air. He was so excited!

We made the bed and he was asleep within 5 mins.

Sometimes I secretly wish he would never grow up.
He isn't a baby anymore.


Toni Brockliss said...

Jack looks so happy in his new bed Bec. What a little star.
It is sad when they get bigger, but a happy feeling too that they are getting strong and learning.
You are a kind person and paid it forward to me. Now someone paid it forward to you.
Everything goes in circles if you are a good person.

BatGnat said...

He sleeps with the fishes....?