Sunday, September 20, 2009

To Burra and Back

There is always some excitement to be found in Royalla and today we ventured off to Burra as well. Burra turned out to be even MORE exciting than Royalla because there were sausage sandwiches, toys and a park. Jack rode up the back of Pop's truck and it was a gorgeous day. I found a Mr potato head and a matching high chair and I spent less than $5 at the car boot sale.

We shared lunch with Molly and Aunty Rach. After Molly jumped in a huge puddle of mud there were gourmet sausage rolls and cupcakes followed by a sweet cup of tea.

Pop made my day by converting Jack's favourite movies, Toy Story and Babe into iPhone format so that I can have them in a scratch resistant (toddler proof) format.

When we go Jack makes sure that everyone lines up to wave goodbye after being smothered with kisses and love. 'WAVE TWO HANDS!' he yells, 'BYEE!' and before we get back to Canberra he is fast asleep.

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