Monday, May 18, 2009

We all headed North for the weekend to get away from the cold and to visit some family. Jack spent some lovely time with Grandpa and Aunty Judy.

We stayed 2 nights at Aunty Rhonda & Col's house and they were so wonderful. They made us breakfast every morning and Uncle Col made his famous Salmon curry with steamed vegetables
for dinner. After lunch and shopping in Byron Bay we walked to their beautiful beach and Jack walked Marley the West Highland White Terrior. Aunty Rhonda's guest bed is like sleeping on a cloud.

We went to Sea World and the weather was spectacular. It was 29C in Surfers and I was wishing we packed more summer clothes.

Jack loved the 'Happy Feet' and the rides although he wasn't impressed with Elmo and Ernie when they approached his for a cuddle.

My personal favourite was feeding the sting rays. They were so friendly that they wanted to be patted along their wings.

We dined at my favourite restaurant after an exhausting day at Sea World.

Staying in Rydges was a bit of a dive after staying at Aunty Rhonda's house but they did do a very nice buffet breakfast.

After checking out of the hotel we drove to Mount Tambourine Distillery where Stu sampled some of their finest. We went for a short walk through the trees before we jumped in the car again and headed off home. That was what I call a busy weekend!

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