Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Bye Dummy

Jack has had his dummy since he was 2 days old. When we were still in hospital he needed the dummy to fall asleep. After plenty of feeding and rocking he would still not fall asleep unless he had his 'dums.' 

Jack had his dummy in hand way too often and he only liked the expensive 'Nuk' dummies. Jack hasn't needed his dummy at daycare for almost 12 months and he sleeps up to 3 hours most days. Since Jack turned 2 we have had the dummy attached to his bed for sleep time only but recently it has been the cause of too many tantrums and it's time has come.  

That video makes Stuart *sigh* "He is growing up". Imagine how proud we will be when he graduates college. 

Last night was very rough. Jack cried and cried inconsolably for 2 hours before he finally fell asleep and then he woke at 6am and sobbed and carried on for another 45mins. It really was our hardest night in a long time. When Jack got to daycare this morning he announced to his carer 'no dummy, me big boy' and he was so proud and happy. Tonight he fell asleep after 20mins but he was truly exhausted, he didn't even ask for the dummy. 

Thanks to Nan R and Pop for the 'big boy bed.' After all, you just can't have a dummy in a big boy bed! 


Sam's Mum said...

Dear Jack
Am so very proud of you. You are SUCH a big boy now. Can't wait to cuddle you and celebrate no dummies.

Toni Brockliss said...

The video of Jack was so cute Mrs Duncoo.

Chew should be proud. Jack's delightful.