Friday, November 21, 2008

A good kid

There isn't much happening around the Duncan house this weekend. It is so nice to have a quiet 5 day weekend where we don't have to be anywhere in particular.

Jack helped clean the whole house today and do 4 loads of washing. He has recently been very proud to be a 'good boy' and helps where he can. We only had 2 trips to Time Out all week. Jack is talking more and more, he has a range of new words but his favourites are; please, pop, bus, truck, motorbike, chooks, baa baas, juice. His best phrase is, 'More juice please pa.'

I couldn't help but think of Jules as Jack was painting this today after one of her playgroup babies was taken off in an ambulance after a nasty paint reaction. They are all good now. Maybe next time use brushes with the 4 month olds?

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