Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Dear Mr Claus

My husband and I have been good parents this year. We have both worked very hard, Stuart achieved his CCNA and I have my bus licence. We said goodbye to a person that we loved and we welcomed a niece into our family. We traveled across the world and even to Ikea and all the while we maintained our ridiculously expensive mortgage (some debt acquired).

We have done a good job with our son who eats his vegetables, sleeps 11 hours a night and 4 hours a day. His day care lady says that he is a gentleman who is easy to look after because he is so helpful.

We have been so good this year. Here are the following suggestions...

1. Sunglasses
2. Lip glosses
3. Tupperware
4. Billabong 'moon' handbag
5. Billabong Beach Towels
6. Pillows (european with covers or 2x standard firm)
7. Monopoly - Here & Now Electronic Banking

1. Windows Vista
2. Fall Out 3 for PC
3. A juicer
4. Food processor
5. subscription to EON or HACKING magazine
6. Cinema Cash

Kind Regards,

Rebecca & Stuart D

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