Monday, December 17, 2007

Middle Ear Infection

Dr. Boss Nass

Yesterday was a bit scary because Jack had a temperature of 40.1 and he was very hot and upset. Last night Jack screamed the house down from 2 -4.30 am and woke up every half and hour or so throughout the night until he came to bed with us at 4.30. So we went and saw the doctor and we couldn't see our regular doctor so we were stuck with Dr. Boss Nass who diagnosed a 'miidle eeear iinfection' *heavy indian accent.* He was a bit of a scary doctor but very efficient, our appointment was for 11am and at 10.55 he had already figured out the problem. Jack has antibiotics and is improving every hour but still with regular panadol.

We hate seeing our boy so upset and hopes that he is feeling better tomorrow. Dr Boss Nass says, 'two days.'

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