Friday, December 21, 2007

Good Bye Wanniasssa - A post just from Mum

Today was my last day at Wanniassa after 5 years of working there as a special needs/ textiles/ maths/ english/ learner assistance/ ESL/ work experience/IT teacher.

It was mostly disapointing to recieve my Wanniassa mug and pen today because that was literally all I got from all of the staff and students at Wanniassa. Not a goodbye or good luck or even a thankyou for all of the hardwork and dedication that I had given them. I have to say that today I left on a very low note.

Goodbye Wanniassa a new chapter begins...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Rebecca,

Jack looks very cute in his first pic with santa :)

sorry to hear that wanni didn't offer you much of a good bye :(

you know that i'll miss you and hopefully we'll catch up soon.

have a great Christmas!!!