Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Wish Merry Twismas

The Motbey family got right into the Christmas spirit with Carols at the War Memorial on Friday night. Jack had been practicing singing carols in the car all week and his favourite ones were 'Wish you a Merry Christmas' and 'Santa Claus is coming.' This morning he was able to sing, ' Wish you a merry Christmas from the bottom of my heartttt.' Jack was super excited to see Santa at the War Memorial and we enjoyed a picnic dinner full of gormet food with Jack's favourite people Molly, Oscar and Nanna.

It got quite cold as the night went on and Jack fell asleep under a blanket just after 9. He said, 'It's dark. I tired. I go bed now.' It was so beautiful to hold my baby while he slept on my lap and sing to the carols under the stars.

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