Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Baby Room

The little brother's room is almost complete. Pop is coming over to help put up the shelf tomorrow that will hold the wooden letters of the name. There is also a plaque for the door that can't go up until the boy arrives. Before the arrival the cot will have to go back together and the bassinet might need to move closer to mum's room.

I predict many hours in the middle of the night spent here.

Whilst most of the renovations have been done during nap time, Jack has been checking the progress in between creating works of art. This week we introduced him to scissors and he was fascinated for over half and hour. It didn't take him long to figure out hold to hold them and to move the fingers away. I was also impressed that after he drew this smiley face he wrote his name backwards on the page.

Jack's first cutting.

He calls this one 'Teddy Bears and Trees.'

Jack has been wearing his undies regularly again and he loves it when I say, 'I'm SO PROUD OF YOU!' To my surprise it works better than snakes.

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