Sunday, August 9, 2009


Jack and I had a great weekend. Jack played with baby Sam on Saturday morning and then we had a long nap before Curry Night. Curry Night was a HUGE success and all the kids played happily and had a great time while we enjoyed some good food and good company. Rowan & Luke (just 3 months old) were just too cute but I was so glad to hand them back when I needed some free hands to eat with or after Rowan puked on me. Gah! Jules made my birthday request of the Master Chef sticky date pudding. She has won herself the no.1 place on my FaceBook friends list!

Today we went to swimming and did the shopping, we washed, mopped, cooked and cleaned and before we knew it Stu was home. We danced on the toy box and sang ABC. It's good to have some energy back!

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