Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Jack do it

'Jack Do It!' is Jack's latest catch phrase as he builds his independence. He wants to put his own shoes and socks on, wash his own face, put his own dvds on and build his own block towers. He always has to put his own plate in the dishwasher - I'm sure he will grow out of that.

Jack also likes to say 'this way' when we are driving. For some reason he thinks he knows the way better than I do.

I must confess that I secretly enjoy when Jack has a cough or a cold and needs to stay home from daycare. Today we had a great day. The weather was freezing 8C and the wind was blowing all day but we painted and went to the doctor. We played bowling and had a long afternoon sleep.

When Jack was at the doctor he opened his mouth 'ahhh' and the doctor listened to his chest as he took deep breaths. The doctor sat to his computer and started to write the certificate and Jack said, ' but ears please.' The doctor had to appologise for forgetting and take a quick look in the ears. He said they were nice and clean and Jack was so proud.

In the afternoon Jack rode around the house on his little bike and gathered up some old envelopes and started delivering mail. It was his own idea so I thought it was pretty smart.


Grace said...

*wub* Bec, you have such an adorable son! How quickly is he growing up though :o

Jack's Mum said...

When you have a little newborn you can't imagine what the toddler years will bring but let me tell you we have SO MUCH FUN!

I hope bunny will soon have a blog of his/her own soon too!

How much longer now?

Molly said...

As he told aunty Rach he is a big boy, Its great now he is a toddler he helps aunty Rach a lot with Molly now if he could teach Molly how to clean up like he does that would be great.