Sunday, April 12, 2009

Potty Power!

Over the past 2 weeks Jack has been wearing underwear through the day, even to daycare last week. He had a couple of accidents to start with but he has been dry for over a week.

I thought I would share what worked for us since I had been reading about toilet training and asking other mums about it a lot before we got to where we are.

Using the toilet has to be something that is lead by the child.
Sugar is a good reward.
Something my mum taught me - never make a toddler feel bad about having an accident.

Pull Ups haven't worked at all. A couple of times we have used them to go out in and Jack always wets them but if he wears undies he manages to tell us that he needs to ' do wee wee.'

And... Potty Power

It's a very corny, American dvd but it really appealed to Jack and he has been asking to watch it at least once a day (it goes for 20mins). Jack has been singing along to the songs and telling everyone he has 'potty power!'

We are so proud of our boy, Jack Duncan. Not sure where he gets the french accent from?

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