Sunday, January 18, 2009

Jack turns TWO

Dad stayed up until 2am building this train table. It's bigger than we thought it was!

Jack was SO excited about this kitchen too. He skipped from the trains to the kitchen and back again.

We had Jack's favourite breakfast, french toast and he cheered for the trains.
He is excited about his party. He keeps reminding us he's 'TWO!'


Toni Brockliss said...

Happy Birthday Jack!

The train table is fantastic Bec! Where did you get it? Elton would love it.

We got the kids that very same kitchen for Christmas....when we looked in the box we thought we would be there all night setting it up!

Jack's Mum said...

Train Table is by Imaginarium Jack loves it!

We started the construction of b'day gifts at 10pm the night before and my job was the kitchen. I built that thing all on my own - It took me an hour and a half! Poor Stu was still going on the Train Table until 2am.

We were so glad that we did all the building while Jack was in bed. There were a million parts.