Sunday, October 26, 2008

Poor Baby

Our poor boy has tonsillitis. He was having a great day (apart from only eating rice bubbles) and then the fever came on and so we took him straight to the doctor who had a quick look and solved the mystery.

His mother is still no wiser than she was 6 months ago and was panicked. I was also taken by surprise despite the subtle warnings.

*A 2.5hr sleep in the morning followed by a 2 hour sleep in the afternoon
*Eating only rice bubbles and grapes
*Asking to go to bed only 1 hour after he woke
*Crying for his water bottle which was in the fridge
*Refusing a spring roll
*Playing quietly by himself at Beth's place
*Wanting to be carried all day
*Taking no interest in Beth's kitchen and trampoline
*Drinking bottles and bottles of water
*Only wanting Mum for cuddles

Next time I'll clue in :)

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