Thursday, August 7, 2008

Shake Your Groove Thang

According to Mehjabin at Family Day Care, Jack's favourite music is Bollywood. However if you ask Stu - he says Timberland. I'm not sure but I still think Humphrey is his favourite with the 'Duck Duck' song?

Jack is having some happy times at Samirah's house and her mum reports that he is a lovely boy who is good all of the time. (I hardly believe it) He is a gentleman and he gives Samirah kisses and they play chasing and have fun all day. Since Jack has all of his teeth he has been able to enjoy twisties and he finds life's pretty straight without them.

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Molly said...

John Travolta (Saturday night fever) eat your heart out. Very reto 70's look Jack.

WE LOVE YOU!!! Go Jack Go