Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Jack saw the immunologist

For the last 4 months Jack has had a special diet that didn't include any dairy or soy because it made him sick when he was 5 months old when he was just starting formula so that Mum could go back to work.

We went to the 'witch doctor' for Jack's excema who said he also had a wheat allergy and the whole family should also avoid wheat but that was driving us nuts so we went to the 'real doctor.'

We has lots of tests done and he isn't allergic to nothing - not even
peanuts (thanks Aunty Jules) or seafood or milk or wheat or anything.

The specialist says that it is most likely 'lactose intolerance' and
that if we continue to do what we are doing that is good.

He said we should try him with more foods eg. egg, fish etc. at one
per week and try some of the cows milk formula again and a bit of
yogurt and cheese.

He said the eczema was the best he had seen - it was no big deal and
he didn't think he was at all 'scabby.'

He reckoned that with the amount of milk that I consume that if Jack
had a true allergy to cows milk then he would be really upset, not
sleeping and scabby - not to say that these things would never

He reckoned that if we cut out a lot of foods from his diet, simply to
avoid a bit of eczema that it could lead to malnourishment.

Done and dusted - $400 later and we are good parents with a happy baby and piece of mind.


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Jules said...

Wooohoo! yay for Jack. Bring on a the buffet!
love Aunty Jules